Chiropractic Treatment in Dubai
for Sciatica and Neurological Disorders



Sciatica is a condition that refers to pain radiating to areas supplied by the sciatic nerve, which goes from your lower back through the hip, buttocks, and down the leg, foot and toes. In most cases, it affects only one part of your body.


Sciatica most commonly happens when narrowing of the spine or herniated disc compresses part of the components that make up the nerve. This can cause paraestesia in the pathway that is supplied by the spinal nerve effected. While pain associated with sciatica can be intense, the majority of patients manage this condition within a couple of weeks, without undergoing surgery.


Symptoms in the affected leg:

The symptoms can be aggravated when sitting for long hours or during coughing or sneezing.


Common risk factors for sciatica include:


Even though the majority of people recover without treatment, sciatica can result in permanent nerve damage. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience the following symptoms:


While sciatica pain can be persistent, chiropractic care specifically atlas orthogonal chiropractic can relieve it gently and naturally; it includes pain management without costly and harmful side effects.


Here are some of the sciatica chiropractic treatment techniques:


Diagnosis: Chiropractors through history, exam and possibly imaging determine the diagnoses and treatment plan. Chiropractors help the body heal without using invasive procedures or medications.


Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Chiropractic treatment: Dr.Tod, as an AO chiropractor will apply the atlas orthogonal spinal therapy to restore the function of herniated disc adjusting the vertebrae back into its proper position which takes away the sciatic nerve’s pressure.


Spinal decompression: as the name suggests, Dr.Tod as an expert AO chiropractor will use spinal decompression to relieve the nerve’s compression responsible for sciatica pain.


Chiropractic treatments in particular the atlas orthogonal ones are therapies to relieve pain; using non-invasive, gentle, effective and safe therapy. Dr.Tod as an experienced AO chiropractor will first determine the cause which led to sciatica then apply the atlas orthogonal program to treat patients suffering from sciatica.


In addition to the chiropractic care and precisely AO treatments, implementing ergonomics practices is essential in the daily life of patients suffering from sciatica; stretching exercises provided by Dr.Tod are very important as well.


As an AO expert Dr.Tod uses many adjusting tools during atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatments:

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